Making Wind Turbines More Efficient and, thus, More Attractive to Investors

India Due to tax restructuring, the demand for economically efficient wind turbines is increasing considerably in India. That’s why we advise project developers and why we’re responsible for the technical implementation. Our wide range of services also includes assistance in site planning, selecting the appropriate turbines, and finding investors.

For Some Wind Turbines, It’s Too Windy in Mongolia

Mongolia Mongolia with its very hot summers and very cold winters – the temperatures can differ by around 100 degrees Celsius – as well as its permanent winds, dust, and harsh ground frost poses extreme challenges to wind turbines. That’s why we advised specialists in developing technical guidelines for the construction of wind turbines in Mongolia on behalf of the Mongolian Ministry of Energy in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH [German Society for International Cooperation].

Acting Globally, Representing Germany

Italy, Brazil, Latvia, Germany Within the scope of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology’s (BMWi) “Made in Germany” initiative, Dipl.-Ing. J. Dietrich Mayer, Managing Director of Admyre GmbH, held presentations on the development of wind energy in Vicenza, Rio de Janeiro, and Riga. His international experience and his expertise were also acknowledged, for example, during his presentations at the University of Stuttgart, at expert forums and PR events of the Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland [German Economic Council], at the Bremer Stammtisch round table discussion as well as at the Energy Forum in Hannover.

Profiting from the Dynamic Asian Market

China, Korea, Japan The high demand for energy in Asia made China an interesting market for wind energy already a number of years ago. In Inner Mongolia, in Shanghai, and in Zhejiang Province, we concluded agreements for the supply of wind turbines and negotiated contracts for licensed products already in the 1990s. At the same time, we negotiated cooperations and also licensed products with renowned corporations in Korea. In Japan, we planned wind farms and built wind turbines at extreme locations in close cooperation with a renowned energy service provider.

Africa’s First Wind Farm Was Built under Adverse Conditions

Egypt In 1993, we were in charge of the project development and implementation of a wind farm with 10 wind turbines on the Red Sea. Despite the most adverse conditions, this project was completed successfully. This was, in part, due to our close cooperation with reliable partners on site and the Egyptian Ministry of Energy. The wind turbines were built within the scope of the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology’s (BMFT) ELDORADO program which helps promote wind energy in developing and emerging countries. We readied 5 plants for construction in Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil and built another 5 plants in Patagonia/Argentina.

We Tested Wind Turbines Where the Queen Landed

Germany Until 1994, Gatow Airport in Berlin was operated by the Royal Air Force. Since it didn’t have too much air traffic, we used the airport to build and test wind turbines within the scope of research projects conducted by the Technische Universität Berlin [Technical University of Berlin].

The Impulses for a Global Standard Came from Lübeck

Germany Those who test wind turbines extensively and offer professional advice should also have the requisite competences in the development, production, and construction of wind turbines. As the co‑founder of DeWind GmbH, our Managing Director J. Dietrich Mayer can look back on 7 years of experience in this sector. The technical innovations of the Lübeck-based company made a vital contribution by successfully introducing variable speed systems with conventional drive train to the market – a technology which has become the global standard today.


Admyre GmbH assists and advises companies, banks, investors as well as wind turbine manufacturers and operators in all matters revolving around the use of wind energy, the development of wind farms, and turbine technology. We test projects for their site quality, technical feasibility, economic efficiency, approval status, service structure, and we prepare design reviews for wind turbines. In addition, we also develop projects and assist project developers during the entire process. We procure cooperative partners and accompany the drafting and negotiation of joint venture and license agreements.

Our excellent contacts and highly qualified, reliable partners in Germany and abroad – particularly in Europe, India, China, the USA, South America, and Africa – make us the ideal partner for global projects, international market strategies, and expansions.


Dipl.-Ing. J. Dietrich Mayer has gained more than 20 years of experience in the wind energy branch. He puts his entire knowledge and his international contacts at the disposal of Admyre GmbH which he founded in 2008.

Companies Founded
1995 Dewind GmbH
1999 Dewind Rüzgar Energe Sistemleri
2000 Dewind Ireland Ltd.
2001 eternegy GmbH
2004 eternegy Wind Farm Beta Ltd.
2004 eternegy do Brasil Ltda.
2006 Netenco do Brasil Ltda.
2006 Natenco India Pvt. Ltd.
2008 Admyre GmbH
2009 Windcomp GmbH

Consulting Services
Ammonit GmbH, Germany
PCS Converter, Germany
GIZ Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
[German Society for International Cooperation], Germany
FC Wind Energy, Germany
Windcomp GmbH, Germany
Tetraco GmbH, Germany
Theolia Pvt., India
Ministry of Energy, Mongolia
Hyosung, Korea
re-consult Ltd., Turkey
GecoVenta, Switzerland

Projects Implemented and/or Readied for Construction

Year Country Project Name WT Capacity
Quantity Total Capacity
1993 Egypt Hurghada 100 10 1
1993 Brasil Pastoreio 100 5 0,5
1994 Argentinia Pico Truncado 100 10 1
1996 Germany Neustadt 500 1 0,5
1996 Germany Trollenhagen 500 1 0,5
1996 Germany Meschede 500 1 0,5
1997 Germany Lübeck 500 1 0,5
1999 Japan Akita 500 1 0,5
2000 Japan Okinawa 500 1 0,5
2001 Germany Retzstadt 600 2 1,2
2002 Germany Unna-Ostbüren 1250 6 7,5
2003 Germany Windpark Mittelhessen 10x600, 3x1000 13 10
2005 Germany Birstein-Brachtal 1500 7 10,5
2004 Ireland Gilmore Cavan 1250 12 15
2004 Poland Starzynski Dwór 1500 17 25,5
2004 Poland Kisielice 1500 18 31,5
2004 Poland Parsówek 2000 18 36
2004 Poland Malborg 1500 12 18
2005 Spain Ampudia 1500 220 330
2005 Germany Trieglitz 1500 15 22,5
2005 Brasil Xangrila 1500 17 22,5
2006 Estonia Lüganuse 2000 50 100
2010 India Gujarat 2000 100 10


Rykestr. 7
D-10405 Berlin, Germany
Managing Director: J. Dietrich Mayer
Phone: +49 (0)30 69599448
Fax: +49 (0)30 69599447
VAT ID No.: DE 223813171
Commercial Register: HR B 88653


J. Dietrich Mayer


Rykestr. 7
D-10405 Berlin, Germany
Managing Director: J. Dietrich Mayer
Phone: +49 (0)30 69599448
Fax: +49 (0)30 69599447
VAT ID No.: DE 223813171
Commercial Register: HR B 88653

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